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In this section you may find some of the Reviews sent by our customers, about their experience with Iguana Tours.

Hola Randall !!!!!! Te iba a mandar un correo este fin. Se fue mi familia hace un par de dias. Pasamos increibles in M.A. El tour a Damas fue espectacular! Conoci a tu hermano despues del tour. Fue uno de los highlights del viaje a Costa Rica para todos.
Mil gracias por sus atenciones! Tambien, felices con el Titi Canopy. Como me encanta M.A. Espero regresar mas a menudo ahora que el highway esta abierto...regresamos puerta a puerta en 2 horas 15 minutos.



We just returned home after spending 11 wonderful days in Costa Rica. We experienced a wide variety of what Costa Rica offers from white water rafting the Pacuare and hiking Monteverde to seeing Aernal's eruptions and the animals of Manuel Antonio. Our last four days in your fabulous country were spent at Hotel Parador in Manuel Antonio. While there, we took your Mangrove Boat Tour and your guided hiking tour of Manuel Antonio National Park.
The entire family - myself, my wife and our 2 teenage daughters - thoroughly enjoyed these tours. The natural beauty and animals certainly made the tour interesting, but our tour guide - Andre - made the tours fabulous. Andre's passion and love for the nature and the animals comes across as he gives the tour. His excitement and enthusiasm got all of us interested and made the tours one of the highlights of our 11 day stay in your country. His ability to spot hidden animals and insects was amazing.

Thank you for providing these tours and please pass along our thanks to Andre for a fantastic job. Andre makes your tours come alive - he deserves a pay raise.

Bryan Scruggs

My 7yr old son and I had the pleasure of doing the all day river tour last week during our stay in Costa Rica. We both agree that it was our favorite thing we did. I have to say though, that our guide, JJ, is the reason why it was so great. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable about your beautiful and special country, he was friendly, funny and made my son feel completely safe. I have been on rafting tours before, and many other excursions, but they don't even compare. I feel so blessed to have had him as our guide going down river, and am grateful for the wonderful memories that I will always, always have. Thank you!!!!!!

Casie Kempke

We did the rafting trip with you three weeks ago and I thought you'd like to read my thoughts about it. I think you thought that I didn't enjoy myself but as you can see after reading this part of my blog, we had a great time.
A half hour later and after transferring into a rumbling four-wheel drive van we left the main highway and bumped along a dirt road past rows and rows of African Palms which are harvested for their palm oil. Every so often the photographer would lean out the window and rip something off a tree or bush that hugged the road, then pass it back to our guide.
Welcome to the popular Tico game show "So You Think You Can Smell!" The rules are easy. Grab a leaf or a pod from the guide, mash it in your hand when appropriate and try to guess what it is.
"Mint?" I said holding a pod of tiny red seeds.
"No. Paprika," answered the guide with a laugh. "Rub it with your finger."
So now I had a red finger and no Wash 'n Dries in my emergency cylinder.
Next came a series of leaves.
"No. Anise. It's like licorice."
Next a piece of something that looked like bark.
"Mint!" I said emphatically.
He looked at me warily. "No. Cinnamon."
Another leaf.
"Ah, now this is mint."
"No. Citronella."
By now I was having too much fun and both he and I knew what I was going to say as I held the lemon grass under my nose.
He just shook his head and scowled.
By then I was holding all of the samples and wasn't about to stuff them in my pockets like some white-skinned composter. I gestured towards the window and held my hand near the opening, receiving a nod from the guide near me.
No sooner had I tossed the crap out the window that BOTH guides yelled "NO!!" They were screwing with me of course but I must admit I had visions of roasting on a spit in some village for violating their local jungle laws. Little did I know that there was more to come.
A stop for a drink at a local village and we were back on the road bumping higher into the mountains, eventually coming to a bridge that spanned the mighty Watchamacallit River in all of its three-foot depth glory roaring past us with the ferocity of a bunny eating lettuce.
The rafts were inflated, the gear handed out and the safety instructions given: "Do what I say and don't fall out." Yeah. Sure.
These guys know every inch of the river, every stone, every boulder, every nuance and every place in which you can maneuver the raft in such a way as to dump any one, two or three of its riders.
The little eddy that carried the raft forward, backward and back into the current without any paddling or steering was cute as was the bus driver routine our guide performed complete with sound effects and an invisible steering wheel. The five-foot drop over a boulder that dumped me out of the raft was not.
In I went but my safety training took over and I stretched out my legs in front of me, turned to face downriver, held my paddle in my right hand and flipped off the guide with my left.
He reeled me in, hoisted me into the raft by my life vest and dumped me in the raft like a flounder but there were no hard feelings. The water was pleasant enough and I was really enjoying the entire experience.After the next "incident" our guide and lifeguard Jonathan's pixie smile seemed mocking. By the third time I could see he was really enjoying it. As I went over the side the fourth time I caught an upside down view of his face and I could swear he was mouthing the word "mint." I was pissed and I told him so.
The rest of the rafting trip was more like It's a Small World at Disneyland (without those scary Russian dolls near the end of the ride) with Jonathan steering away from the more ominous rocks. His sullen expression told me he felt bad so I tried to make nice and encouraged him to regain the sadistic glee he had exhibited earlier but my outburst had apparently deflated him. Perhaps he thought it would affect the generous tip that he got anyway but I think he was genuinely concerned that he had ruined the day for me.
All in all black and blue water rafting was loads of fun---and tiring. Man was not meant to spend two hours perched on the side of a rubber raft with his legs folded beneath him like a pretzel. As I hobbled up the bank to the bus my body agreed.
We boarded the bus and groaned our way back to the village for a chicken lunch where I discovered star fruit juice. Guess why it's called "star fruit" but you'd better not say "because it looks like Angelina Jolie?" Delicious---the juice and Angelina. Just don't tell my mother that I ate and drank questionably prepared food in a village in the middle of the jungle.
Final tally: I "went swimming" four times, Robyn three times (once knocked in by me) and Jamie three times (once knocked in by me and once when Jonathan decided to throw her in).

Hola Iguana Tours Family-

I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for recognizing us at last Friday's event.
I am sorry that I was not able to attend, as it sounds like an important and lovely ceremony.
Juan Pablo shared the plaque with us today; what a special honor it is!
Truly, thank you not only for the fantastic recognition, but for your continued support and partnership. It is always such a pleasure to work with youall; and we value our partnership entirely.

Mil gracias!! All my best,

Ingrid Kuegeman

Director - Titi Conservation Alliance, Quepos/Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Hi Gilbert,
Just thought I would drop a line and tell you of the wonderful service that your driver, Jorge, did for us this past November 26th. He drove our party of 8 from Manuel Antonio to Puerto Jimenez on the Oso penensula.
He is a lovely, accomodating gentleman and you can be proud of the service he provides to your customers.

Dr. Robert Fields

Hi All-
I just wanted to send an extra note to say "Thank You" again for all of your help with Saturday's Reforestation Event!
It is such a huge help to have your transportation donation; and was truly a pleasure to have everyone from Iguana there to help plant the trees!
I hope you're all having a great Monday!
All my best,


We just got back from an incredible white water rafting trip down the Naranjo River with Roberto and Juan Jose. They were awesome guides and we had a great time. Safety was never an issue.
We are already planning our next trip!!

Jenifer Piegaro

Dear Gina,
We've been back a week from our dream vacation in Costa Rica and we're still in awe of your beautiful country. I don't think I've ever been to a placewhere everything is so pristine and the people are so very nice. Oh, and the food--- just wonderful.
I really want to thank you for your assistance in putting everything together for us and being so accessible. We are already passing your name and yourcompany's name to our friends for their travels to Costa Rica.
I will send individual emails to the tour companies, but I especially want to applaud Leonardo with Flora and Fauna and his delightful boat captain,Mango, who gave us the thrill of a lifetime spotting wildlife in th Cano Negro. Also, Mauricio with Iquana Tours for his guidance through the ManuelAntonio National Park and for helping us to change our plans slightly when we decided against kayaking.
All of the various bus drivers were also great and right on time!! Everything was seamless, just as you want it to be on vacation.
Thank you for rearranging the schedule for us and reserving the room at Best Western on our last night. That was a good call and a very restful way tofinish the trip.
Gina, I sincerely hope that we can return to Costa Rica some day and we will definitely let you and your company make all of the arrangements. This wascertainly an anniversary to remember.
Thanks again,

John and Pam Monroe

A group of friends and I just returned from Costa Rica...and we took a lot of your tours (set up by Atilio). He was amazing to work with!!! And we had some of the best guides ever...especially Mel on our white water rafting trip and Andrey on our rain forest walk and Mangrove kayak tour. They were both incredible quides. We can't thank you all enough for making our trip so fantastic. We will see you again on our next visit to Costa Rica.

Barry Brown

Hola Randall,
I just wanted to say thank you again for allowing me to experience the Manuel Antonio Park guided tour. I thoroughly enjoyed it, Andre was an awesome guide. I loved every minute and am happy to know our clients are receiving a great tour!
Thank you again!

Aimee Pinnell

Adventures Around the World - Exploring the world, one adventure at a time...

I was on a mangrove trip a few weeks ago and the boat driver took a picture. I wanted to confirm what it was - either a silky anteater or a sloth. I posted it on snapfish.com. Below is the link. Hopefully, you can open the picture!
Thank you,


My boyfriend and I just returned from Costa Rica and one of the fun days we had was touring Manuel Antonio National park with Andre our tour guide fromIguana tours. He was so amazing and knowledgeable. He would see reptiles, sloth's and birds in the trees which I would have Never seen if I was with myboyfriend.
Andre is an asset to the Iguana tours. If I was to return to Costa Rica soon, I am definitely going to book a tour with Andre from Iguana tours!
Thank you very much for a memorable trip!

Lori and Dave, Boston, MA

I just took the white water rafting tour with Damian, Edwardo, and Mel.
They did an awesome job. I had such a great time; and I would like to let them know this. They were very entertaining and knowledgeable. Please let them know what a great job they did!

Deanna in Chicago

Hi. I took a tour with Michael today in Manuel Antonio National Park. I thought Michael was great and very knowledgeable. I really appreciated that we had our fruit in a restaurant outside of the park as opposed to in the park with the monkeys. I noticed some of the other tours had their fruit right in the park and the monkeys continued to come over and take it. With all the signs saying "don't feed the monkeys", it seems counter productive to serve the guests their snacks right where all the monkeys congrigate.
Thanks for doing the right thing to help keep the monkeys wild and safe. I would be happy to recommend your tours to a friend or use you again in the future.

Sincerely, Jenny Ftacek

I just wanted to give my greatest compliments to Jonathan and the other members of your staff who conducted a kayaking and snorkeling expedition for a VERY large group from Porter-Gaud School (through Holbrook Travel) on July 13th. Jonathan did a wonderful job organizing the entire event and he and the others were very professional, knowledgable, and helpful with my group, which included 19 students and 19 adults, one rather infirm. It was his FIRST TIME to either kayak or snorkel and he was VERY proud to have accomplished.
THANKS SO MUCH to all who made this outing great!! I will definitely book this and other outings with Iguana Tours on future trips!!

Jane Settle (aka Jungle Jane)

Hey! No tenemos otra cosa mas que agradecerles por sus infinitas atenciones hacia nosotras, tuvimos la oportunidad de viajar a su hermoso Costa Rica y disfrutar del tour al Parque Nacional en dias pasados y quedamos enamoradas de ese lugar.. de igual manera enviamos un saludo a nuestro guia Andrey quien tan amablemente nos explico todo el recorrido y nos mostro lo maravilloso que es ese lugar. Nos traemos buenos recuerdos y sobre todo las ganas de volver!!... Excelente servicio y compañia.
Saludos desde Chihuahua, México.
Sus amigas,

Eva e Ivonne

Estuve hace unos días en Manuel Antonio con Mundocolor e hice con ustedes el tour de los manglares y el canopy. Ambos estupendos. Viendo las fotos ahora que ya estoy en España, encontré esta en la que se muestra el entusiasmo de Jorge enseñándonos cosas de los manglares y se la envío aprovechando de nuevo para darle las gracias por sus explicaciones y por hacernos tan amena la visita. Fue una pena que terminara tan pronto.
Saludos muy cordiales desde Andalucía (España)

Alfredo Campos

Hola Randall,
Muchas gracias por todo! Ellos estuvieron felices con todo el tour!!! Por cierto, el Rio Naranjo es Clase III o IV ? Me dijeron queestuvo bien bravo (pero les encanto!).

Debbie Dachner

Hello, My husband, Sam & I went rafting with you guys on June 24th & 26th. It was a wonderful experience.
We had our grandson with us because the trip was a gift for his high school graduation.
Sam & I were in your beautiful country in 1994 & this trip we noticed you have had much improvement. Hope you get the bridges finished in thenear future.
The rafting trip on the 24th our guide was Joshua & Beto was our driver.
This was a wonderful experience even though my husband fell out of the raft twice but loved every minute of it. This happened with no misguidance ofJoshua even though I heard he is concerned when things like that happen. Tell him not to worry! It was great!!!
Our rafting trip on the 26th our guide was Mel & Beto was our driver (great driver) & this also was an great adventure that will be in ourminds forever.
On the way up the mountain Mel spotted a sloth & I took 3 pictures of it. I offered to send them to Mel so they are below.
If you don't receive them please let me know & I will figure out another way to send them.
Mel is an excellent guide & very personable. He is one of the reasons my husband & I will be returning to Costa Rica.
Thank you so much,

Martha Mobly

My husband and I just got back from the most amazing vacation in your beautiful country (May 25-June 3) and we have to give thanks to your tour company for helping to make this such an amazing adventure for us! We wanted to take the time to write to you and let you know you have such an asset to your organization with Andres. He was simply wonderful. Very professional, and such a knowledgeable guide. Before getting to Costa Rica we had booked 2 tours.
The first was to Carara National Park and the second was the Mangrove Damas Island tour.
Andres was our guide to Carara and far surpassed our expectations of what we would see there. We were quite amazed at what he was able to spot. We were picked up right on time and on our way to Carara he had the driver pull over because he spotted a number of Scarlett Macaws in the trees along side of the road. His excitement and enthusiamim is very contagious. At this stop along side of the road, he also spotted a toucan and a parakeet that from our understanding was a rare sighting. And this was only the beginning!!! Once we got to Carara, not only did we see more Macaws, but we saw many birds that Andrey explained you don't often see (like the black chested Trogan), and that we were very lucky to see what we saw during that trip. Even on the way back to Manuel Antonio, he again spotted 4 Macaws in a tree on the side of the road, and I was able to get some incredible pictures (attached to this email. Even my husband (who is not a big fan of birds) enjoyed this day and shared in the excitement of what we were experiencing.
We enjoyed Andrey so much, that when we decided to take a 2nd tour of Manuel Antonio National Park, we specifically requested him. During our time with him at Carara, my husband talked to him about the monkeys in the area, and his desire to see all three species of monkeys in Manuel Antonio. Andrey remembered this when we went back to Manuel Antonio National Park, and he made it his mission to make sure we got to see the white faced monkeys, the howler monkeys and the squirrel monkeys. HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!! We got to see all three species, and got to enjoy the rare treat of seeing the howler monkeys be very active in the trees. It was so amazing, that I could not figure out who was more excited, my husband or Andrey! And once again, I was able to get the most incredible pictures (attached in this email.
Again, Andrey is truly a gem and a tremendous asset to your organization, he had a direct impact on helping us to create and capture memories of this trip that will last a lifetime.
With our sincere thanks,


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